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Do you want to learn how to read tarot?

Do you ever struggle to make decisions?

Do you want to learn how to tap into your intuition (your greatest natural gift)!

Do you ever wish you had someone to go to for advice — all the time?

Do you often experience anxiety, fear, doubt, or frustration surrounding life’s situations?

Do you wish you had all the answers in life?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then Tarot for the Type A is the perfect course for you.


  • How to tap into your intuition.

  • How to create a space for intuition to thrive.

  • What the different types of intuition are and how to work with them.

  • How to know what the cards mean WITHOUT a guidebook or flashcard style memorization.

  • How to set a good intention for your readings.

  • Why your intention makes all the difference.

  • How to shuffle, pull, and interpret the cards like a pro.

  • When you should use a spread for your readings.

  • How to use and create spreads.

  • What you need to know about reading for others (if you want to).

  • BONUS: How to use a pendulum to make decisions.



  • Anyone wanting to learn to read tarot without memorizing card meanings or having to consult the guide book.

  • Anyone with anxiety, fear, doubt, frustration, or any other similar emotions.

  • Anyone who wants to learn tarot for the first time or deepen their practice.

  • Anyone who wants to harness the power of their intuition.


  • How to read tarot (and oracle) without looking at a guidebook.

  • How to use tarot to make decisions.

  • How to use tarot to get answers.

  • How to read tarot for yourself and others.

  • What all the meanings of the cards are and how to remember them without memorizing (my biggest tip!)

  • How to use spreads to enhance your readings.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Is Tarot for the Type A good for beginners?

A: Yes! I will be teaching the way I personally read tarot for myself and my clients from beginning to end. I will show you my whole process and teach you the way I learned.

Q: How long will I have to complete the course?

A: The course will be hosted online at a self-study pace!

Q: Will you be available to answer any questions I have about the course?

A: Yes! You will have unlimited access to me to ask me questions via email.

Q: Will I have lifetime access to the course?

A: Yes you will! You will always have access to the most updated version of the course.

Q: Should I take this course even if I don’t consider myself a “Type A'“?

A: If you want to learn to read tarot intuitively, then yes. This course will teach my process for reading tarot. My process does not require you to memorize any card meanings. It does not tell you to consult the guide book. I will teach you how to read tarot and get strong, solid readings just by tapping into your intuition and getting to know your cards.

Investing in yourself, your intuition, and your mindset is one of the greatest investments you can make.

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