Holistic Healing


Crystal Healing

Crystals all carry unique properties that can help us to heal. Each crystal brings different benefits to us based on its unique frequencies and vibrations. Placing crystals strategically on and around the body can help to restore depleted energy centers and bring balance to the chakras and restoration to the energy fields.



Plants are powerful! I can't say this enough. I firmly believe that the Earth has provided us with wonderful tools to heal ourselves holistically, and my favorite way to utilize plant power is through essential oils. After a health consultation, I will provide you with an aromatherapy healing experience to help you feel well again.



Our chakras are our life force energy sources, so when they are off balance, then we are off balance! I will work with you to conduct a health consultation to determine which of your chakras are underactive, open, and overly active. Then I will provide you with some reiki healing tailored to your individual needs.


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