Yes I Read Tarot; No I Don't Worship Satan


Since I’ve decided to come out of the broom closet and be open about the fact that I practice practical elements of witchcraft and modern spirituality, I’ve had a lot of questions thrown at me about tarot specifically.

There are a lot of misconceptions about tarot. A lot of people just know tarot based off of what they have seen in movies or what they have heard about it from some of the more theatrical shops that line the streets of places like New Orleans and Paris.

It’s important to note that people have different styles of reading tarot and that tarot can be approached in many different ways. Not everyone reads tarot the same way and not everyone uses tarot for the same purpose. This post is based off of my personal experience and style of reading tarot.

How I Read Tarot

I’m very intuitive and empathic, so I use these skills to fuel my tarot readings. When I sit down with someone in person or online to do a tarot reading, I ask them about their current life situation and what it is that they would like advice and guidance on. The more they let me into their life, the better I’m able to interpret the cards for them. It benefits me and my clients when they allow me into their lives because I’m able to tap into the energetics surrounding the situation and get a good feel for the underlying energies that influence what is going on. After they’ve told me what’s going on, I will then pull cards for them and lay them out in any way that feels good to me. Sometimes I use spreads, and sometimes I don’t. Once I’ve pulled the cards, I interpret them based off of what they mean to me. I don’t assign structured, definitive meanings to any of the cards I work with, even the tarot. Since I rely on my intuition, I use what I know about the traditional meanings of the cards and the words that may show up on them depending on what deck I’m using. I then look at the imagery on the cards and look at how all the cards are laid out together. Often while I’m looking at the cards I will get intuitive messages that pop into my head. My intuition is heavily based in concepts, so I see scenarios and concepts playing out in my head and then I translate them into words for my client. Sometimes I will go through each card one by one and give my client messages that way, and sometimes I will combine all the cards into one overarching message. I trust my instincts and the intuitive messages that I receive while pulling and looking at the cards. I like to be interactive with my clients, so I communicate with them during the entire reading to make sure my messages are coming through clearly to them. After a reading, most of my clients will leave saying that they feel clearer and calmer. I love what I do. I want to share more of what I do with the world, but there are so many negative misconceptions surrounding tarot that keeps many people from getting readings or learning to read for themselves. In the next section of this blog post, I’m going to debunk some of those common misconceptions.

Common Tarot Misconceptions

Misconception #1: A tarot reader will tell your future.

While tarot can tell you where a current situation is heading and what path may be more beneficial for you to go down, it can’t tell you when you’re going to die, who you’re going to marry, or anything else like that. Our future is not set in stone, so it’s impossible to tell someone about their concrete future. Our actions in our everyday life shape our futures, so our future is constantly changing based on the choices we make. That’s why tarot can be used to tell you a potential outcome of a situation based on the energetics currently surrounding it, but tarot is best used as a problem solver and a way to get answers. Tarot can be used to help you make informed and empowered decisions, and I think that is much cooler than “fortune telling”.

Misconception #2: Tarot is associated with Satanism and/or Paganism.

Tarot is not associated with ANY religious beliefs! You do not have to believe in any religion in order to practice tarot or get a reading. Tarot is for everyone and it is a powerful tool for empowerment. While I do think that you have to believe in the law of attraction, a higher self, and some form of the divine for tarot to truly work, you don’t have to have any structured religious beliefs at all. I personally don’t identity with any religion. I tell people that I am spiritual, but not religious.

Misconception #3: Tarot is dangerous and involves dark magick.

Tarot is in no way dangerous when used the way it was intended to be used, as a tool to enhance what you already know through your own intuition. The cards inherently have no energy unless someone else previously used the cards. When you get a tarot deck, you can clear the energy and return it to neutral before putting your own energy into it. If you use the tarot for purposes of helping yourself or others by interpreting the cards in a way that provides advice and guidance, then the cards are being used for good. It is possible that tarot could be used by some people in dark magick rituals, but the tarot itself is not dark and has no harm unless the people using it are dark and harmful. Make sense? So as long as you and the person you are getting a reading from have positive, light energy, tarot is a powerful tool for good.

Misconception #4: You should be scared of the Death card and the Devil card.

I like to say that there are no “bad” cards in the tarot. Only cards that bluntly tell you what you need to hear. The death card doesn’t mean that anyone is dying, it signifies that something is coming to an end and there’s going to be a big change. Sometimes the death card can even be positive because it signifies rebirth of something in your life is coming. Think of death as one door being slammed, and another one gently being open. The devil card has to do with materialism and being too attached to something. It can also signify addiction. It doesn’t mean you’re possessed or anything like that. If the devil card shows up in your reading, it probably means you need to learn to detach from something.

Misconception #5: You have to be psychic to read tarot.

I’m not gonna lie, I really don’t love the word “psychic”. I think the world implies someone who can look into your future and tell you what is going to happen. While I think there are some people that are more intuitive and open to spirit than others, I don’t really believe in full psychic abilities. Anyone can read tarot because everyone is intuitive. If you’ve ever just known something without knowing how you knew it, that’s intuition. When you get a gut feeling that something is going to turn out good and it does, that’s intuition. When you feel that you need to avoid that dude at the bar even though you don’t really know why, that’s intuition. We’re all intuitive and anyone can read tarot.

I hope this blog post helped to debunk some of the misconceptions you had about tarot! I hope you’ll now feel more comfortable going to get a reading from someone, or even learning to read for yourself! Tarot is such a wonderful tool that has helped me in my life. It’s helped me to feel empowered, confident, and calmer. I love reading for myself and for my clients. It’s important to remember that every tarot reader has their own personal style, so what you read here may not be true for every tarot reader out there, but it’s what works for me and what I believe works for so many others as well.

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Juliana Frisoli