Hi! I’m Juliana.

I’m a Mindset + Success Coach who specializes in helping women unleash their full potential and achieve their goals with ease.

I’m obsessed with helping women step into their true power, find their purpose, reprogram their mindset, manifest the life of their wildest dreams, and slay their goals!

I currently live in Austin, Texas with my boyfriend Tanner and my two kitties, Belle and Loki. Some fun facts about me are that I’m a certified yoga teacher, nature lover, avid kombucha drinker, and personality test junkie (I’m an ENFP, Enneagram Type 4, and Ravenclaw).

My journey of growth and transformation started in 2015 when I decided that I needed a major change in my life. Up until that point I was living with extreme anxiety, depression, and very low self worth.

I basically spent my days worrying about things and feeling bad about myself.

My whole life was surrounded by negativity and my anxiety got so bad that I wouldn’t eat (or would totally stuff my face) and I wouldn’t leave the house.

All I did was sit there debilitated and hating my life. I kept attracting negative experiences into my life and I didn’t know why.

I didn’t know how to create the life I wanted to live. I didn’t know about the law of attraction or manifestation.

I thought that everything was just happening to me with no rhyme or reason.

In 2015, the Universe basically screamed at me to wake the fuck up.

The guy I was working for at the time introduced me to an app called Periscope, and that’s when I discovered a whole world of spirituality and self-development like the law of attraction, energy work, crystal healing, essential oils, EFT tapping, tarot, reiki, shadow work, subconscious reprogramming, and more.

I came across a bunch of high vibe people talking about all these different concepts and something just clicked. My life changed for the better and I knew I had found my purpose.

From there I haven’t stopped and I continue to learn more about mindset, spirituality, and success strategy every single day.

Now I can honestly say that I’m happy, confident, and overall anxiety-free.

I love myself. I’m in a wonderful, supportive relationship. I have amazing friends. I’ve grown so much as a person and I’m on a mission to change the world.

Now I’m teaching other women how to achieve success and take control of their own lives.

When I reprogrammed my mindset and DECIDED to start living my life the way I wanted, everything changed for the better.

I want you to know that anything is possible and you really can have the life that you want.

You are so powerful and you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

All you have to do is take the first step.